Why will I need networking services?

Having developed your website or organizational database, some organizations see it worthy that they host their website or database locally within their office building.

In such a scenario if your organization does not have a working computer network then you will need to build one. You will need a small server setup to host your website or database and the complexity of the requirements of the server room will depend on your company's needs.

More details about the nework design will be provided to you upon request.

Our Partners

Here we give you list of our trusted partner companies that would offer you extra services that currently are not offered by us. You are free to request any of the services that you feel interested in the partners through us or directly through the partner. All services in either way will be guaranteed to your satisfaction.

Techera Consultants - Networking (LAN,WLAN & WAN)

Techera understands the value a network adds to an organization. Among other things, a network allows sharing of resources including the sharing of an Internet connection. They offer quality networking solutions ranging from Local Area and Wide Area Network (LAN and WAN) design, installation and configuration to short-range and long-range wireless networking. Their expertise in the area of networking has enabled them to come up with networks that are very stable, secure and scalable.

Techera also offers advice to clients on the networking solutions that will best suit their physical location and purpose and the best networking technologies that they can adopt. Their networking services also include installation and configuration of servers on both Windows and UNIX platforms. Such servers include web servers (e.g. Apache, IIS), mail servers (e.g. sendmail, postfix) and DNS servers (e.g. BIND on Linux).

Website: www.techeramw.biz